About us

Key Figures

With an experience of more than 30 years, continued by taking over the automotive sector of Electroaparataj, we are specialized in production of automotive and non-automotive plastic components, made by injection, blowing of plastics and assembling, as well as in the development of processes and products.

20.000 sqm total surface

32 million Eur

420 employees

27 destinations


Long-term Objectives

Long-term objectives of ELJ Automotive are focused on our concern to execute the assigned projects, in terms of profitability for the company and satisfaction for our customers.

We are following a sustainable development of our company, in order to offer trust and credibility to our customer, through financial stability, capacity and capability of our company to execute complex projects, respecting the set of conditions and KPIs specific to each client, with the result of ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction with our services.

Development Strategies

Presence in


Technical & Technological


Presence in industries – Consolidating the position of the main supplier for the Romanian automotive production. Developing the non-automotive activity by exploring new industries.

Long-term partnerships – Developing long-life projects by consolidating the trust of our business partners through continuous improvement of processes and quality.

Technical and technological competencies – Integration of projects with development of process and products, use of new technologies and high added value.