We invest in our future projects

A new bi-injection machine of 1.300 tf


The most dynamic industrial sector

Approximately 26% of the Romanian export is done by the automotive industry and the sales volume of the companies in this industrial sector is amounting more than 28 billion Eur. The suppliers for components are manufacturing parts for approximately 19 billion Eur.


About 630 companies are acting in this industry with more than 230.000 employees. Representing one of the most productive economical sector in Romania, the automotive industry has a contribution of 14% to GDP.


ELJ Automotive – a main supplier for the automotive industry

ELJ Automotive is one of the main suppliers of plastic components for this industry, with 85% of its production intended to the automotive industry.


As Tier1 for Dacia and Renault Group, ELJ Automotive became one of the key suppliers for their most recent projects, in our capacity of both designer and manufacturer.


A new machine of 1.300 tf – Engel Duo 8160/860W/1300 – complements our park

ELJ Automotive has today a park of 73 injection moulding machines, ranging from 50 tf to 1.700 tf.


One of the few biggest bi-injection moulding machine in Romania has arrived recently in Titu, complementing our park of injection moulding machines.


The Engel Duo 8160H/860W/1300 Combi injection moulding machine is a two-component machine, which can process two different plastics into one moulded part, with an integrated removal robot.


The new investment done by our company in an 1.300 tf injection moulding machine has been decided in order to respond to the requirements of the newest projects of Dacia – Renault Group.




Engel Duo 8160/860W/1300 – bi-injection moulding machine of 1.300tf

  • Engel Duo is a powerful machine for large parts.
  • Built for the highly efficient production large moulded parts such as large-scale containers and sophisticated automotive parts.
  • The tried-and-trusted dual platen compact clamping unit ensures a compact design.


Unquestionable advantages

  • Short cycle times.
  • Space-saving production.
  • Excellent operating safety.
  • Part quality.
  • Energy savings.
Engel Duo


Diversity of applications and parts

Covering a large variety of applications, here there are some examples of parts that can be manufactured with this bi-injection moulding machine:

  • air guides, housings, covers, wind grids, roof bars, for automotive industry.
  • parts made of the same material but different colours.
  • parts made of 2 dissimilar materials.


Engel Duo