73 injection machines from 50 to 1.700 tf

Our orientation towards customers, of whom requirements both quantitative and qualitative are higher and higher, has determined us to make an investment of 7,4 mil. Euro, through which we have acquired new equipment.

With a fleet of 69 injection machines with capacities ranging from 50tf to 1700tf and 4 blow moulding machines with capacities of 2-4 kg/part, ELJ Automotive can be considered as being one of the companies with the biggest capacity of processing plastics in Romania.

  • 65 injection machines 50-1.700tf
  • 3 bi-injection machines 1x50tf, 2x450tf
  • 4 blow-molding machines 20-80tf
  • 1 vertical machine 100tf for Striker manufacturing


Modern Technologies

In order to respond to the most exigent requirements of our customers, for optimization of the technological process and quality of the products, we are using technologies such as: