Production Capacity

Large Range of Tonnage

ELJ Automotive has a fleet of 73 machines, laid out in 7 fabrication lines:

  • 65 injection machines 50tf - 1.700tf
  • 3 bi-injection machines 1 x 50tf, 2 x 450tf
  • 4 blow moulding machines 20tf - 80tf
  • 1 vertical machine 100tf

For the assembling of the core products we are delivering to Dacia Automobile, Cooling Fan Module, Clutch Pedal and Striker, we have installed:

  • 6 assembling stations for Cooling Fan Module
  • 2 assembling stations for Clutch Pedal
  • 1 manufaturing line for Striker


Production Capacity

For the management of our production capacity, we have created the following categories of equipment:

  • Blow moulding machines with capacities ranging within 20tf - 80tf
  • Small injection machines with capacities ranging within 50tf - 300tf
  • Medium injection machines with capacities ranging within 300tf - 600tf
  • Big injection machines with capacities ranging within 600tf - 1.000tf
  • Very big injection machines with capacities ranging within 1.000tf - 1.500tf

When we calculate the production capacity, our priority is to secure the delivery in time of the volumes established with the customers. In this respect, the calculation of the capacity is done in function of the following elements:

  • Reserve of overcapacity of 15-20% agreed with our customers.
  • Back-up for the validated machine (every reference has at least one secondary machine validated for back-up).
  • Attract new projects.

In conclusion, for every machine category, the capacity load is considered as optimal, when it is enough to ensure, on one side, the profitability of the investment and, on the other side, the reserve of capacity, needed to respond to the requirements above.

Starting with 2016, almost half of our fleet has been renewed, and in 2019 we have decided the investment in a machine of 1.300tf.



  • 15 Ferromatik Milacron 60tf - 1.000tf
  • 21 Engel 50tf - 1.700tf
  • 10 Haitian (7 MuCell) 450tf - 1.080tf (since 2016)
  • 2 Kraus Maffei 350tf - 420tf
  • 1 Negri Bossi 250tf
  • 19 Zhafir (electrical ) 90tf - 650tf (since 2016)
  • 3 Uniloy Milacron blow moulding 20tf - 50tf
  • 1 Soffiagio Tecnica pentru suflare 80tf
  • 1 vertical machine Dah-Lian 100tf