Long-term Projects

In the development and execution of long-life projects, we demonstrate the key attributes of a long-term partner, needed to complete any project:

  • Over 30 years of experience in plastic injection;
  • A wide range of tonnage and production capacity, with which we can respond to more than 80% of the projects for which we are consulted;
  • Technical and technological competencies that enable us to develop processes and products.


A full range of services

We are ready to offer a complete project management in the production of plastic parts area, as follows:

  • design of plastic parts;
  • design of moulds for injection and blow moulding;
  • technological design;
  • execution of moulds for injection and blow moulding;
  • injection of thermoplastic parts;
  • blow moulding of thermoplastic parts;
  • assembling plastic parts and components.

ELJ Automotive Laboratory offers 3D measurement facilities, raw material testing (flow index, burning rate, ash content, etc.) and accurate weighing. The laboratory is validated by Dacia Automobile.