Complex and Safety Assemblies for Cars

Traditionally, we have been present for more than 30 years in the automotive sector and 2 core products of us are related to this industry:

  • Cooling Fan Module.
  • Clutch Pedal.

It happens that these 2 core products are not only complex, but safety products in a car, as well.


Cooling Fan Module

We are manufacturing 12 different models of Cooling Fan Modules that we deliver for 16 assembly lines on many continents.

For manufacturing them, we have put in place:

  • 6 assembly stations for the Cooling Fan Module.

Clutch Pedal

Once the automotive industry has passed from the metal pedal to plastic pedal, ELJ Automotive became the main supplier for Dacia Renault for the Clutch Pedal.

For manufacturing them, we have put in place:

  • 2 assembly stations for the Clutch Pedal.